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Image of an anti-fascist protest in France.

Not one vote for Le Pen!

Build the resistance!

by Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste

The second round of presidential elections in France is set to take place April 24th, 2022. As in 2017, the two candidates advancing to the final contest are the center-right neoliberal Emmanuel Macron and the neo-fascist Marine Le Pen. The collapse of the historic French center and the Parti Socialiste since the presidency of Francois Hollande (2012-2017) has polarized the political climate, with the far right making dangerous advances. Here, the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste issues a short statement on the election and the immediate tasks to resist the threat of fascism. Translated by Andy Sernatinger.

Solidarity & support for Walden Bello

by Tempest

Tempest adds our solidarity, and shares the statement of support for intellectual and activists Walden Bello, who is facing the threat of political violence and narco-tagging in his run for the vice-presidency of the Philippines.

DSA’s Palestine problem

Why the right wing attempted a purge

by Tempest Collective Steering Committee

The Tempest Collective Steering Committee lays the recent actions of the leadership of the DSA at the feet of the organization’s pro-Democratic Party right-wing, which seeks to drive out of the organization all critical voices. That the central issue is Palestine and anti-imperialism is no accident, and strengthening those movements, as well as the socialist movement as a whole, requires that we wholly oppose the NPC’s machinations.