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From student revolt to workers’ power

As California academic workers prepare to strike against repression of pro-Palestine activism, Helen Scott discusses the connection between student struggle and workers’ action.

Building grocery power

Paul KD interviews three leaders of the independent New Seasons Labor Union which has organized 11 out of 20 stores in the Portland, Oregon-based natural foods chain New Seasons Market and now represents over 1000 workers.

Southern autoworkers on the rise

Workers at six Daimler Truck plants in the South were set to strike when Joel Sronce interviewed UAW members and their supporters in North Carolina.

California State faculty mobilize for a no vote

Dana Cloud and Gary Holloway interviewed four activists in the California Faculty Association who are urging union members to vote down a bad tentative agreement reached after just one day of a planned five-day strike across the 23-campus system.

Labor for Palestine

The organization Labor for Palestine put out a call on October 24 for unionists in the United States to demand an end to the genocide in Gaza. Here is their call and a model resolution to use in your union.

Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions Statement

This statement by the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions appeared originally on October 16. We republish it here with the response from U.S. trade unionists in solidarity with Palestine.

SEIU forces leader out

Tempest’s Eric Maroney reports on how the Connecticut SEIU pushed executive director Kooper Caraway from office in the wake of Caraway’s public support for Palestine.


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