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South Africa’s case against Israel

Helen Scott explains the significance of South Africa’s genocide case against Israel and reflects on the comparison between anti-apartheid struggles in the two countries.

Resisting authoritarianism in the Caucasus

In this joint interview conducted on behalf of Tempest and Posle Media, Georgian activists and scholars Ia Eradze, Giorgi Kartvelishvili, Luka Nakhutsrishvili, Tamar Qeburia, and Lela Rekhviashvili answer questions about the roots, nature, and trajectory of the country’s social movements and the future of Georgia.

BDS is about justice, not antisemitism

Historian Barnaby Raine examines the myths Israel creates in order to perpetuate its occupation of Palestine – including the myth that anti-Zionism is antisemitism.

The (not so) new red scare

Dana Cloud describes the crackdown on scholars in the Cal State system as an example of the broader pattern of weaponizing the charge of “antisemitism” against faculty and students who have spoken out against the Zionist genocide in Gaza.


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