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Not one vote for Le Pen!

Build the resistance!

The second round of presidential elections in France is set to take place April 24th, 2022. As in 2017, the two candidates advancing to the final contest are the center-right neoliberal Emmanuel Macron and the neo-fascist Marine Le Pen. The collapse of the historic French center and the Parti Socialiste since the presidency of Francois Hollande (2012-2017) has polarized the political climate, with the far right making dangerous advances. Here, the Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste issues a short statement on the election and the immediate tasks to resist the threat of fascism. Translated by Andy Sernatinger.

The results of the first round [of the French presidential elections] expressed at the same time a worsened balance of class forces and a polarization, certainly distorted by a particularly antidemocratic voting system. The political field is divided into three: a fascist bloc led by Le Pen; a left bloc directed by Mélenchon; and a liberal-authoritarian “center” around Macron. The latter knew how to consolidate a social base behind him, “a France that’s fine”, and comes first despite the strong rejection he arouses in the population.

A map of the 2022 French presidential election first round, showing the candidate winning the largest share of the vote in each National Assembly constituency.
A map of the 2022 French presidential election first round, showing the candidate winning the largest share of the vote in each National Assembly constituency. Source: Gus Justice, results from

The Danger of the Far Right

Facing the danger represented by the capture of the institutions of the Fifth Republic by a far right party, many voted for Mélenchon in the last days of the election. But this was not enough to stop Le Pen from advancing to the next round.

Although she has the support of only a minority of the bourgeoisie, Le Pen could still benefit from the massive rejection of Macron. A victory for the far right can not be ruled out in next Sunday’s election.

There are precious few days left to build massive mobilizations against the far right, uniting all those in the working classes who are aware of the present danger. But there is a fringe who, out of hatred for Macron, would welcome a victory for Le Pen, and might even vote for her. It is essential to address them and to remind them, without making concessions, of the specific danger represented by the far right. A victory for Le Pen would be much worse than another five-year term for Macron, with major qualitative leaps towards racism and authoritarianism. This would also enable the ultra-reactionaries, in particular among the police, as well as fascist groups who could amplify the aggression and violence.

Prevent Le Pen from coming to power

This is why, in the working classes, not one vote should be cast for Le Pen so that she is beaten on Sunday, April 24th. In this context, we know that some will cast a ballot for Macron to defeat Le Pen, while others will choose to boycott the biased second round. The essential thing is not to tear each other apart over this, but to put together our forces in motion to prevent the ascension of the far right to the Élysée, and to prepare for the necessary fights to come regardless of the result of the election.

Responses are already taking place, among student youth, in the workplace, and in working-class neighborhoods against the far right and liberal policies. The demonstrations that took place last weekend, though not large enough, show that the rejection of the far right is there and that there are many who want to express it in the street.

The united initiatives of the entire left remain necessary to build: against the far right; for social struggle; for the reconstruction of an emancipatory project; and, for a political force to carry it forward. And until then, only one item on the agenda: the largest mobilizations possible. Shut down the far right and prepare ourselves to fight back!

Wednesday, April 20th 2022

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