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Palestine 101

75 years of colonialism, imperialism, and resistance

A Tempest Collective event on Sunday, November 12, at 2 pm EST.

Israel’s genocidal assault on Gaza is being aided and supported by the United States and other Western powers. Meanwhile, the mainstream media acts as if history began on October 7, the day that Hamas militants attacked Israel. Come to this meeting if you want to understand the historical roots of the Palestinian struggle against colonialism, why socialists oppose Israeli apartheid and the occupation, and how we can build a movement to support Palestinian liberation.


Shireen Akram-Boshar, a contributor to Palestine: A Socialist Introduction

brian bean, co-editor of Palestine: A Socialist Introduction

Sherry Wolf, anti-Zionist Jewish socialist; former press officer for the Russell Tribunal on Palestine

Register here for the event.

Featured image credt: Wikimedia Commons; modified by Tempest.

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