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Solidarity with railroad workers!

Online panel in solidarity with railroad workers

Railroad Workers United and Haymarket Books present a panel of rank-and-file railroad workers in a discussion of one of the most important struggles in recent labor history.

Railroad workers are currently engaged in one of the most important struggles in recent labor history in an industry that is at the heart of the functioning of society. The rail industry has seen massive deregulation, lean production, and persistent undermining of working conditions that have made the work all but intolerable.

Despite enormous political pressure, railroad workers are fed up, evidenced by the sections of workers who are voting NO on a Tentative Agreement that they feel doesn’t address the base safety and quality of life issues they are willing to strike over. Railroad Workers United (RWU), a cross-union democratic rank and file organization of railroad workers, has launched a Vote No Campaign, insisting that this Tentative Agreement offers very little given the conditions they face and the role they play in the economy. If the railroad workers lead a strike, it will have immediate implications – economically and politically – for every sector of US society. Most importantly for the labor movement, and for socialists and radicals within it.

Come hear Railroad Workers United members speak about their struggle, the situation on the rails, and how you can get involved in efforts to support them. The success of this campaign is of urgent importance, and solidarity must be built.

Featuring: Engineers and conductors from Railroad Workers United, facilitated by Maximillion Alvarez from The Real News who has covered this struggle extensively.

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Register through Eventbrite to receive a link to the video conference on the day of the event. This event will also be recorded and live captioning will be provided. All money raised above event costs will be donated to Railroad Workers United.

Tuesday, November 1

8:00 pm Eastern/ 7:00 pm Central/ 5:00 Pacific 

Hosted by: Haymarket Books and Railroad Workers United

Current list of Co-Sponsors:

Arizona Educators United

Backbone Campaign

Climate Rail Alliance

East Side Freedom Library

Global Supply Chain Study/Research Group (SCS/R)

Labor Network for Sustainability

National Educators United

Rails, Incorporated

Santa Barbara Tenants Union

Seattle Caucus of Rank-and-File Educators

Solutionary Rail

Tempest Collective

Truckers Movement for Justice

TWU Local 100 – Local 100 Fightback Coalition

UAWD (Unite All Workers for Democracy)

United Steelworkers Local 675

Whatcom-Skagit Branch, IWW

Co-Sponsoring DSA Chapters/Working Groups/Caucuses:

Atlanta DSA

Binghamton DSA

Denver DSA Labor

DSA Fort Worth

YDSA Georgia Tech

Lehigh Valley DSA

DSA Marxist Unity Group

Mid-Hudson Valley DSA

North Kentucky University YDSA

Seattle DSA

Restaurant Organizing Project

St. Cloud MN DSA

Whatcom DSA

Winter Caucus DSA

This event is sponsored by Railroad Workers United and Haymarket Books. While all of our events are freely available, we ask that those who are able make a solidarity donation in support of our important publishing and programming work.

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