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Breaking the Impasse

A four-part Tempest study series

In his latest book, Tempest Collective member Kim Moody analyzes: the political impasse which has shaped the rise of a new socialist movement in the United States; the recurring economic and political crises, sharp inequality, state violence, and climate catastrophe facing humanity; and the ascendant right. A long-time socialist and labor activist, Moody situates the historic electoral campaigns of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other self-described “democratic socialists” and the growth of organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America in this context, and incisively assesses the revived movement’s focus on electoral strategies.

Offering an important account of left attempts to intervene in the American two-party electoral system, Moody provides both a corrective and an alternative orientation, arguing that the socialist movement should turn its attention toward a politics of mass action, anti-racism, and independent, working-class activity.


The Tempest Collective is excited to announce a four-part reading group on Kim Moody’s new book, Breaking the Impasse (available from Haymarket Books:…/1873-breaking-the-impasse).

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  • Monday, September 12:

Independent politics & the Democratic Party; Introduction  & Chapter 3.

  • Monday, September  26:

Race, policing, social movements;  Chapter 4 & Appendix on Policing.

  • Monday, October 10:

Labor, mass movements, and how change is made;  Chapter 5 & 6.

  • Saturday, October 22:

Q&A with Kim Moody; Concluding Chapter.

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