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Socialism & the Kitchen Sink

A crossword for comrades

A year ago, Tempest ran Camila Valle’s Crossword politics as part of ongoing efforts to publish art and cultural interest pieces for the left. Today, Valle presents Tempest’s first crossword: Socialism & the Kitchen Sink, part of Valle’s series “Everything but the Kitchen Sink”. Art, culture, and politics are crucial for building the world to come and Tempest continues to highlight the creative and cultural work of comrades.



Author’s note: I realize that traditional crossword entries must be at least three-letters long. In the spirit of creativity and bending the stick, there are a handful of places in which I ignore this rule while maintaining the classic crossword structure. I hope this can be a small contribution to a larger discussion on politics, culture, accessibility, and play. — Camila Valle

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Camila Valle is an editor, translator, and writer based in New York. She is also an avid crossword solver.