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Sudan: revolution & counter-revolution

A teach-in on the coup, the resistance, and international solidarity

Haymarket Book event, "Sudan: revolution & counter-revolution", co-sponsored by the Tempest Collective.

Following an earlier event last month, on November 8 the Tempest Collective co-sponsored another meeting on Sudan, this one hosted by Haymarket Books and also co-sponsored by Africa is a CountryDissentersDSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color CaucusInternationalism from BelowNew PoliticsReview of African Political Economy (ROAPE), and Spring Magazine. These events speak to the importance of the resurgent and ongoing revolutionary process in Sudan.

Below we post the video of the more recent Haymarket meeting, with the hope of soon providing a transcript of the powerful and elucidating presentations.

We also want to share this incredible graphic, created by the artist @lizar_tistry, explaining the recent history of events in Sudan. We thank them for their ongoing contributions.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Agence France Presse Image modified by Tempest.

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