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The party question in DSA

A Tempest Collective public event

Join Tempest Collective for a debate between socialists with different views about the question of independence and the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Socialists of America has grown to almost 100,000 members, raising crucial questions about what kind of organization is needed in the United States to fight for socialism. Should socialists run on the Democratic Party ballot line or do we need our own, independent party? If an independent party, how do we build that, and what should be the balance between elections and working in social movements?

Join us for a debate between socialists with different views about these questions.

The Party Question in DSA
Sunday, March 28th, 2 pm EST
Register for the event here


Eric Blanc: Eric is a member of DSA and its Bread and Roses caucus. He was a national surrogate for the Bernie 2020 campaign and is the author “The Birth of the Labour Party Has Many Lessons for Socialists Today”

Emma Wilde Botta: Emma is a member of DSA and the Tempest Collective. She writes on the new socialist movement and on uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa. She is currently a nursing student and works at a COVID vaccine clinic in Oakland. She is the author of “Is Socialism Winning?”

Brad Chester: Brad is a member of DSA’s Collective Power Network and author of “Breaking Bad: How Obsession with an Independent Workers’ Party Hurts the Socialist Electoral Project”

Register for the meeting here.

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