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Fight the far right in the Biden era

Tempest Collective Public Forum

The Tempest Collective is hosting an important online discussion of how the Left can organize to the fight the Far Right under the incoming Biden administration. The event will be on Sunday, January 24th at 2:00 pm ET/ 11 am PT. Register for the event here.

The events of January 6th made the threat of a growing far right painfully clear. Compared with responses to last summer’s historic Black Lives Matter protests, they also exposed the abject racism of US policing and the sympathy of many officers for white supremacy. Some will take comfort in the humiliation of Trump and the ascension to power of the Biden administration. But will he and his establishment “grown-ups” even try to sweep up the mess that bullhorn racism and forty years of carceral neoliberalism have created?

Tempest, along with many others on the left, answer with an emphatic “no”. No one is coming to save us but us! This public forum brings together activists from the US and beyond to strategize how we can best fight an incipient fascism. Together we will interrogate the forces that brought about this moment as well as the coalition, tactics, and organizing forms we need—not only to defeat the right and demoralize their followers, but to challenge the decrepit racial capitalism that bred Trump in the first place.


  • Elizabeth Lalasz
    registered nurse, steward with National Nurses United, Tempest Collective, Chicago DSA Labor Branch
  • David McNally
    Cullen Distinguished Professor of History & Business, University of Houston and Editor-in-Chief of Spectre magazine
  • Jeb Purucker
    co-chair of Santa Cruz DSA

Register for the event here.

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