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How do we fight the far right?

A Tempest-sponsored webinar

With open encouragement from Donald Trump, and often working hand-in-hand with local police, the far right in the US has become a serious threat. White supremacists have driven cars into Black Lives Matter rallies. They no longer just bring guns to protests, they are prepared to use them. Many on the left believe that the rise of neo-fascism has created a real threat to what is already very limited democracy in the US. Join a discussion on the nature of the far-right movement and how we can organize to defeat it.

Online Event
4pm ET / 3pm CT / 1pm PT

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Joe Allen has been an active socialist for four decades. In the 1990s he was a member of the Midwest Network to Stop the Klan. During the last decade he has regularly written on the far right in U.S. history and contemporary politics. He is a member of the Chicago DSA.

Isabelle is an antifascist activist originally from Rochester, NY. She’s been a street medic on the frontlines of the recent Black Lives Matter protests in her new home of Portland, Oregon for the last three-and-a-half months.

Robert Cuffy is a revolutionary socialist who is a co-founder or the Socialist Workers Alliance of Guyana. He lives in Brooklyn, works in Child Welfare and is a rank & file member of DC37 Local 371 and a member of DC37 Progressives Caucus. He is also part of the Afrosocialist Caucus and Labor Branch of the NYC DSA.

Megan Lessard is a member of New York City for Abortion Rights.

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