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Marxist classics

A new era of labor revolt (1966)

In the mid-1960s, in the midst of Black urban revolt and radicalization on campuses, the U.S. working class was supposedly bought off and inactive. Worker-revolutionary Stan Weirdisagreed. In this 1966 speech, he detailed the broad stirrings of a rank and file rebellion—a revolt with roots in unbearable workplace conditions and a deep feeling that “something’s…

The ABC of national liberation movements

In the thick of the Vietnam War, Hal Draper penned a set of theses about how socialists should approach questions of imperialism, war, and national liberation. With a new introduction by Sam Farber.

Militia and Militarism

Rosa Luxemburg shames the SPD leadership and, in the process, lays out an understanding of the relationship between right-wing governmental forces and bodies of armed men. Tim Goulet provides a contemporary introduction.