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UPS Teamsters on a practice picket

What happened to the big UPS Strike?

by Joe Allen

Can a union achieve a “historic victory,” a gamechanger in contract negotiations without an actual strike? Joe Allen writes on the tentative agreement between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and United Parcel Service (UPS).

A rocky road on the upward path of labor action

Major struggles are brewing in 2023

by Kim Moody

Kim Moody looks at the changing economic, internal union, and political contexts for workers whose contracts expire this year and argues that intransigent employers will face a union workforce with years of accumulated grievances, a cost-of-living crisis, and a rebellious rank and file. We can expect major struggles in 2023. This offers a huge opportunity for socialists. But without the assertion of rank-and-file organization and power, he explains, the potential for labor in 2023 will be lost.