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Socialist Strategy

DSA after the 2023 convention

Another view

by Giselle Gerolami, Ron Lare, and Peter Solenberger

The window for revolutionaries in the DSA is still open, if “open” means the opportunity to work with other socialists in the unions and movements, to win a layer of activists to revolutionary politics, and to advance the projects of left and revolutionary regroupment, argue Tempest members Giselle Gerolami, Ron Lare, and Peter Solenberger.

Perspectives for socialists today

A Tempest NYC Marxism day school talk

by Natalia Tylim

In this talk delivered in June 2023 at the Tempest NYC Marxism day school, Natalia Tylim explains the importance of revolutionary organization and suggests directions for Tempest today. This is the second in an ongoing series of articles from our regional Marxism schools that took place earlier this summer. It has been lightly edited for publication. The first essay by Tim Goulet focused on socialists in the labor movement.

The far right today

by Charlie Post

Hard-right politicians and fascist street gangs pose growing threats to workers and the oppressed, argues Charlie Post, but they aren’t the same thing, and the Left needs different tactics to combat each one.