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Is a new political cycle opening in Chile?

by Franck Gaudichaud, Pablo Abufom, and Héctor A. Rivera

Franck Gaudichaud and Pablo Abufom report on a second constitutional referendum held this past December in Chile to replace the Pinochet-era constitution for the country. This time around Chilien voters rejected a proposed right-wing constitution after the defeat of a more progressive constitution in a 2022 referendum.

”Indigenous communities are leading the struggle in Jujuy”

Interview with an Argentinian socialist

by Gastón Remy, Warren Montag, Jimena Vergara, and Joseph Serrano

This summer, the province of Jujuy in Argentina exploded in protest against constitutional reforms with the indigenous communities at the forefront. The backdrop to this conflict is an anti-imperialist fight for control of the country’s resources. Warren Montag, Jimena Vergara, and Joseph Serrano interview Argentinian socialist activist and professor Gastón Remy.